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I needed a winter hat. What can I say?
If I wear it in the house, my kittens don't look me in the eye as much. They watch my "ears", waiting for me to express myself through them.

I was invited to a Victorian-themed Valentine's Day Masquerade Ball. I was, of course, excited for an excuse to wear my hoop-skirted dress, especially to a dance, but felt I ought to have a mask. Associating pretty dresses with a Masquerade brings the movie Labyrinth to mind for me, so I decided to try my hand at a some-what creepier mask, almost goblin-esque. I had my fiancee apply plaster wrap to my face overtop of my glasses, so I'de be able to wear them under the mask, and used the resulting base to scuplt on with Golden's Light Molding Paste. I incorporated in the oddly shaped protrusions that my glasses made, and then sponge painted the colors in with acrylic. I wish I'de had longer to work on it, and that the molding paste didn't feel so fragile and spongy, and take forever to try, or I could have tried to make the "bone structure" more extreme. Perhaps I'll try again sometime. I thought it looked rather striking with the dress in the right pose.

I painted a coat-of-arms roundel for the wedding of some friends (the same friend for whom I sewed a wedding dress.
It is painted with Holbein's Acryla Gouache, as I was looking for something that could cover area well and be matte (like gouache), but work well on canvas and not be water soluble. 12" Round.

A friend bought me a print of Charlene Taylor D'Alessio's "Doctor Whomster Returns" painting at Arisia one year. When thinking about framing it, I first thought of a nice dark wood frame to go with the matting and color in the image. Then I thought No!, and started looking for the clunkiest blue frame I could find within my budget at the time. I never found one that felt quite right, and thought about painting a raw wood frame on my own, which lead to the realization that with a bit of extra basswood, I could build something much cooler and more appropriate.
I have entertained thoughts of making more frames, but am uncertain as to copyright policy on this. If I do, I may include an LED on top...

This next series of photos are from a series I did for a Photography class in college. I can't remember what the assignment was, but I decided to go about making these elaborate little figures out of Sculpey and felt, and set them up in a diorama. I'm proud of the detail, and my ability to find a way to put a stream in it. My teacher even lent me her macro lens to shoot them. It was a lot of fun.

I've still got the figurines, although the scenery is long gone. I'll try to post some color photos of them in higher detail. I like the color of the young girl's hair. These scans are a bit washed out, but I know I must have the original prints around somewhere.

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