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Colored pencils and watercolors on hotpressed watercolor paper. 12x15 each, matted in 18x24 frames. Limited edition prints from this series are available from my Etsy store.

Gallery Show Information:

Pursuing Inspiration

A BFA Thesis Exhibition by
Sarah Morrison

Now and then, everyone needs a break from reality. Many people get caught up in the rush of everyday work, and don't take enough time to relax and unwind. When one works hard to be able to live, and lives to go to work, they need a way to reduce the amount of stress that this reality puts on them. Fantasy can be one form of escape.

The illustrations in this series are intended to inspire fantasies and stories in the mind of the viewer. Each picture can work alone, or together with the others to create many different narratives. They are not displayed in a particular sequence, allowing the viewer to read them in whatever order they wish.

If you, the viewer, can look at these images and even for a moment wonder what might be going on, and think up any possible background story, then the image has helped a fantasy become a little real, and sparked your imagination.

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