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I am a lover of drawing, painting, fantasy, science fiction, sewing, and animation.

I strive to create imagery that sparks my viewers' imaginations, and inspires stories. I lean towards cultivating a certain amount of ambiguity in what might be going on and who the characters could be, reveling in the escapism involved in fantasy illustration and storytelling.

I live in the greater Boston area with my husband and two cats, painting by day and sewing or playing video games in my spare time.

Why "Tashari"? Back in the '90s when internet "handles" were "cool", I wanted to come up with one that was original. I made up the name (only to later learn it's actually a real name). It stuck, in part because I had a friends-circle with multiple Sarahs, and so having nicknames made it easier to differentiate.

~ Sarah "Tashari" Morrison

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