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I've started developing a small collection of stuffed dragons. So I decided to work on a new painting series where I can use them as references, but I needed more stuffed dragons first. I'm waiting on ordering some online, and hoping I'll get a few for my upcoming birthday. But everyone's opinion of how a dragon looks is a little different. This is my attempt at making one in my style.

He was originally going to be in a standing-up position, but when I sewed his arms on they stuck out. Having no desire to resew them, I just went with it, and put his hind legs in a stretched out lazy-lizard sort of look, that made him also look great as a flying dragon (if a little on the Superman-arm side).
He's also got a more dophinish head than a dragon head, but I figure: he's blue, he can be a sea-dragon.

I kept all the pattern pieces during the making so I could tweak the design and make another, but I have no current plans to do that. It was certainly a project, but a little time consuming. Especially with stuffing. I also had plans to make eyes, horns and claws out of scupley and sew them on, but he's much more cuddleable without them. So maybe that idea will carry on until the time I possibly try a second attempt.

Ooh, the perfect wing curvature was mostly a fluke. The different stretch qualities of the two fabrics caused it I think, for which I'm grateful.

I'm also rather proud of this Lego Pillow I made for a friend's birthday. No, I didn't put matching holes in the bottom. I didn't feel like rigging a way to keep them from popping out, nor did I fancy sewing that many tubes.

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